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Ask me anything Wed, Mar. 28, 2012 14 notes
tenderlilac Asked:
just so everyone could see this.. If you're wondering whether to go to law school or not.. YES. GO. we love complaining about how much we have to read and so on, but we love it and if you're also a book worm, you'll love it, too. plus, being able to relate to law school memes is like, the best feeling ever. :D and by doing Law, you'll get smarter by the minute, which is always a plus :P

See? I’m not the only one. :) 

Ask me anything Wed, Mar. 28, 2012
indiansummerr Asked:
i'm not a law student, but i have the tough job of dating one! so i appreciate being able to come here and understand exactly what he's going through. i've spent the past 15 minutes laughing and saying "that so him!"

I apologize for answering so late, but I truly do appreciate your message.  I’m glad I’m able to bring you comfort. :) My boyfriend has seen me at my worst and has some very interesting stories to tell.  Alas, he is quite the martyr for putting up with my craziness, as I am quite sure you are as well.  

Ask me anything Wed, Mar. 28, 2012 2 notes
Anonymous Asked:
I really, with all my soul, and heart want to become a lawyer. It's all I've dreamed about since I was born. BUT, I'm afraid I'll waste my time in law school with all the work and money I'd have to invest. Any advice?

If you are truly sure that you want to be a lawyer, take the plunge like the rest of us and just do it.  This is your dream and you shouldn’t let it go because of cost.  We’re all in debt together, and there are ways to lessen the pain a little.  Thanks to the Income Based Repayment Plan and some other federal programs, paying back student loans is becoming a bit easier to handle.  

If you are interested in public interest, you can work in the field for a number of years and qualify for loan forgiveness at a certain percentage or even have it entirely gone if you practice long enough.  Another option is to attend an in-state school that will still provide you with a quality education at half the price.

As far as the workload goes, the truth is that as much as we like to complain about our busy lives, we truly do love what we’re studying.  Handling the workload gets easier to deal with, especially when you heed others’ advice (like starting on your outlines way early).  

If you are not entirely sure you want to deal with law school, try taking some pre-law course or attend a pre-law program over the summer.  Such courses will give you a taste of what to expect at law school.  

Good luck and please feel free to ask for more advice! 

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Seeing all the stressed out law students (and future law students) here on Tumblr made me want to make this. Let’s make this a supportive Tumblr lawblr community.

I am a little late on reblogging this but…..

Hey Law Students! Follow illegalities!

I’ll return to my regular posting schedule soon. :) Thank you all for your kind words and for hanging in there. 

Ask me anything Thu, Feb. 16, 2012
Anonymous Asked:
Love your posts! I was wondering if you would mind me sharing them on twitter, pinterest, facebook (with due credit to your tumblr of course)?

Hiya! Thank you so much! I apologize for not updating in a while; my life has been super busy lately.  Regardless, by all means, feel free to share! :)

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